want more money? here’s how to get it

The Honking Goose

There are plenty of people out there eager to give advice on how to get rich. If you pay them. And coincidentally, there are loads of suckers who foolishly give their hard earned money away to these get-rich-gurus for the opportunity to learn the tricks and secrets to wealth. How retarded! If these experts had real expertise on how to legitimately make loads of money, they wouldn’t have to fleece people by putting on wealth seminars.

The problem is that everyone is looking for the easy answer. The only easy ways to be wildly wealthy are 1) be born that way; or 2) inherit money. That’s it. If you weren’t born rich and you aren’t the direct descendent of someone rich, you’re out of luck. Having lots of money will be hard work for you.
cash money clip art Image source: Internet

Now that we’ve gotten clarity on the basic foundation of the wealth…

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By Gowtham Grosz

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