Hen learns to count to seven  


Hen that can count 

By: Gowtham Grosz

(Scroll down for video) A hen, which has been rescued just days before being slaughtered, has surprised its owners with the ability to count.

The intelligent hen was named JJ. The hen has learned to count till seven by using cards. Its owner, Helen Jones, 47, showed the hen poker cards and the chicken pecked with its beak the number written on the cards.

Before being adopted by Jones, JJ had been confined in a cage at afarm, where it was used to lay eggs. She was rescued by animaladvocates. The hen suffered from a broken pelvis and was taken to a shelter for shell shocked chickens where its new caregiversdiscovered that it was actually a genius.

The owner discovered the amazing ability after hearing a rumor that the chicken can do tricks. Jones put thecard in front of JJ and REWARDEDit with grain when it hit the beak on the card the correct number of times.
“Once it had begun to settle on the open road of life I decided to try one or two things with it and it seemed to take it very well. We were impressed,” Jones said.

“It is very important to ensure that they are rewarded when they do well. The other hens watch her and then want to have a go at it themselves, but they do not seem to get it just yet,” Jones added.

By Gowtham Grosz

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