New tools for managing AdWords at scale

We’ve rolled out new bulk editing features that help you update your settings across your campaigns quickly and easily in the AdWords interface. Since updating your settings is an important but time-consuming task, the new bulk editing features let you make these changes at scale in just a few clicks, even across hundreds or thousands of campaigns.

With the new bulk edit features, you can:
+filter for campaigns targeting a specific location,
+update multiple campaigns with a new targeted location, and
+adjust other settings like language, campaign end dates, and ad rotation.

Let’s say you’ve just extended your business operations to Mexico, and would like all of your US campaigns to target Mexico as well. You can filter to quickly find all of your campaigns targeting the US, so you can add Mexico as an additional location to those campaigns with just a few clicks (see image below).

Check out our help center ( to learn more about how you can use bulk editing features to make changes to your settings at scale across your campaigns.  

By Gowtham Grosz

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