Infographics: 8 Steps to Build/Design Your Own FM Station



Many of us love to tune to the favorite band of FM Radio station for listening news, information, music and other media related programs. Many a times we make our nearest community feel surprise by enabling them to know some astonishing information. It is the time to begin and start spreading your radio to your loved ones by building and designing it with your own hands at cheaper cost.

This concept of building embedded radio transmitter not only gives a personalized FM station but also makes you learn some technical concept behind it. This transmitter is designed with the basic electronic componentslike resistors, transistors and capacitors that make the whole system a very cost-effective one.

The step-by-step procedure of this FM building concept assists you to make it in a professional way. And, you can either connect a microphone to this system for listening purpose, or media players like MP3 and other audio systems for playing specific songs. We hope that this info graphic certainly provides hands-on experience of making the FM, and also makes fun of the nearest community to you.

Note:  This FM transmitter building concept is only for the students and hobbyists to design circuits and, not meant for commercial purpose. Terms and conditions must be satisfied for building commercial and long-range type of FM station in terms of frequency, license, and so on, and for the kind of information this info graphic topic does not cover under this group.

8 Steps to Build-Design Your Own FM Station to Connect To Your M

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By Gowtham Grosz

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