Crocodile, Whatcha Eating? Oh, Just a SHARK!


A dad on a family vacation snapped this photo of an approximately 18-foot crocodile chowing down on a live bull shark in Kakadu’s Adelaide River on August 5, 2014, in Australia’s Northern Territory.

“The crocodile forced the bull shark into the mangroves and devoured the bull shark,” according to the Getty Images description of the photo taken by Andrew Paice, 43, who was on a wildlife cruise with his partner and seven-year-old daughter, the AFP reports.

Believed to be 80 years old, this massive crocodile named Brutus has been a tourist attraction, especially after it reportedly went viral in 2011, thanks to a photo of the reptile leaping out of the water to devour a hunk of kangaroo meat that a tour guide dangled from a stick.

Hopefully the shark population will be able to salvage its reputation as killer beast when Shark Week starts up again on…

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By Gowtham Grosz

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